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What Is Swing Trading?

Similarly, if you opened an account with $15,000 and you said you would only risk 1% trade, if your balance falls below $10,000, stop trading. If you keep trading with a balance below $10,000 you will be risking more than 1% (risking at least $100 per trade). Even with a stop loss on a trade is possible to lose all your capital, or even more capital than you deposited if you are trading on leverage.

how to swing trade stocks

If you don’t mind trading ETFs, and you can with this strategy, leave this blank. Read How to Position Size When Swing Trading Stocks for a proper method for determining your position size. When I draw a trendline for this strategy, it is a line of best fit. That means I don’t draw the line right along the highs or right along the lows. Instead, I make sure the trendline touches near all the significant reversal points. Learn to manage and work with emotions, and stick to the plan when real money is on the line.


For example, when the indexes are shooting higher, there may not be as many pullbacks. So we can use another strategy during those times to catch the stocks ripping higher. If a stock meets all these criteria, determine the position size based on the position size formula. We have looked at entry points, stop losses, and profit targets. Now we need to discuss how those three points relate to each other. The conservative estimate is to place the target at the top of the channel when you place the trade.

52 Week High Stocks – find stocks that made new highs of 52 weeks. Momentum Stocks – find stocks with momentum in the recent past. However, sometimes a stock is so strong that it never retrace to the trend line.

how to swing trade stocks

Sometimes, a stock would dip below the trend line only to go back up later. When we use the trend following strategy, we only trade with the trend. When the stock is in an uptrend, we can only go long. If a stock is in a downtrend, we can only go short on the trade.

You can sell part of your position and let the rest ride the uptrend until the trend breaks down. Both trading styles, naturally, come with pros and cons; however, swing trading is more suitable for beginners given the fast-paced dynamic of day trading. We look for strong Hedge uptrends in a stock and wait for the perfect purchase price. The idea is simple—we buy the stock with the anticipation that it will continue the trend (at least in the short-term). If it does what we expect, then we ride it for a few days and sell it for a profit.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Review the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options brochure before you begin trading options. Options investors may lose the entire amount of their investment or more in a relatively short period of time. Bears Venture fund can apply tactics used by bulls during an uptrend to potentially take advantage of a downtrend. In many other instances, however, neither a bullish or bearish trend is present. Instead, the security is moving in what’s referred to as parallel resistance and support areas.

The Financial Takeaway

In the above example, it would mean the stock rises above $10 with weak volume and then drops below $10 afterwards. To find stocks for the buy low and sell high strategy, use the follow stock screeners. The support level for the stock is $27.94 based on the closing price of March 18. Here’s one way we could have traded this stock using the buy low and sell high strategy.

  • Instead, they usually move in a pattern that looks like a set of stairs.
  • Watch for those announcements and see how the stock responds.
  • Find and compare the best penny stocks under $2 in real time.
  • Choppy markets can prove more difficult, particularly to newer traders.
  • The average swing trader, for what it’s worth, holds onto positions between 5 and 10 days.
  • The trade alerts are different from the ones send within the Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter.

Now the part about being on the beach is probably some extremely wishful thinking for most!! But maybe you’ve got a dental practice and you can only check your phone before and after work. Or maybe you have business meetings throughout the day and can only check your phone between meetings. The scan stocks for swing trading point is you don’t have to interrupt your regularly-scheduled life to follow this stock picks service. You can check the site a couple times a day for new stock picks, and that’s it. The stock picks I post and that I teach include preset profit and loss points, so they’re very low-maintenance.

Swing Trades Vs Day Trading

Fundamentally, you want stocks to exhibit certain traits based on the position you are taking. For example, if you take a long position , you will want to see a reasonably priced valuation, strong earnings, and a healthy balance sheet. As for technical analysis, you can identify opportunities by using support and resistance levels and indicators that show volume and momentum. The trading rules can be used to create a trading algorithm or “trading system” using technical analysis or fundamental analysis to give buy and sell signals.

how to swing trade stocks

Swing traders expose themselves to the most volatile moves by holding overnight, however the profits can be exponentially higher, especially if using options. The best stocks for swing trading are ones with known catalysts, high volume and enough volatility to make short-term trading profitable. Those of you trading the markets amid this Coronavirus pandemic know how serious overnight risk is right now, on both the long and short side. A swing trader is basically powerless to mitigating the effects of overnight risk, at least in individual stocks. Day traders can swiftly flatten their position at any time.

Is Swing Trading Easy?

For example, the stock GDX is trading in the range of $13-$17 in the past few months, it is safe to say that $13 is the support and $17 is the resistance. Each time the stock gets closer or drops below the $13 price level, it bounces back. When penny stocks are trading at low volume, the spread is typically wide. Everlasting Stocks is a new stock picking service introduced by Tom and David Gardner at the Motley Fool. Using the best swing trading platforms and brokerage accounts allows swing traders to trade at low cost and maximum efficiency.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Swing Trading

But it’s a hard fact of the business — you just can’t be a swing trader without it. Swing traders leave their orders open when the stock market is closed, whether that is overnight or on the weekends. This leaves their orders susceptible to off-hour price changes in their stock, which can happen after the release of earnings reports or other kinds of unexpected news. If a swing trader issues a stop-loss order, it’s meaningless in the face of sudden off-hours price drops.

Best Stocks Under $5

Day traders can find themselves doing all the work, and the market makers and brokers reap the benefits. First, the time frames for holding a trade are different. Day traders are in and out of trades within minutes or hours. Swing tradersbuy a stock for a few days, then sell it for a profit after the price has moved higher. If this interests you, the best way to learn quickly is by picking the right stocks to buy in the first place. Look first at large-cap stocksbecause they have numerous shares changing hands at any given minute, and this makes them easy to buy and sell quickly.

A swing trading strategy is a pattern you’ve recognized in the market that indicates a stock could potentially trade in the same direction for multiple days or weeks. During a stock market crash, traders might be able to get out faster than investors. This is because market usually crashes in a short period of time before the changes are reflected on a company’s income statement or balance sheet fast enough.

I am currently trying to swing trade with several positions while I work a full-time job. 2 positions went against me while I was working, and it was too late to cut losses by the time I checked on it. I let my emotions take over, and kept holding despite the chart telling me it’s game over. As a result of letting emotions take over, I am down 60% on both positions compared to 20% down when I noticed it and could have cut further loss. Staying disciplined and removing emotion from the equation is the hardest things for me to do.

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